Love Charm In Nigeria; Why Our Men Should Be Really Worried


In the world were inventions and discoveries rule the day, certain people are blinded in idle waiting for heavenly manna with the power of charms. Blacks awake!

Over the years, Africa has been known for her powerful use of voodoo otherwise called “juju, or jazz” to secure wealth, power, and protection. Recently, love charm in Nigeria has taken an advanced dimension into social media platforms as we now see young and vibrant ladies who parade as ‘mamalawos’, ‘digital ogbanjes’, as well as self-acclaimed prophets who publicly market their love charms with ladies as their target customer.

Love charm is a spiritual way of controlling a person’s love affair using objects, such as cosmetics, bracelets, perfumes, anklets, waist beads, and other pieces of jewelry commonly referred to as blue eyes. It is basically a magical property used by women to attract men for marriage or get them to pay very well after sex.

Love charm

Recently, there has been an uproar on social media over the increasing sale of these magical pieces of jewellery used to spellbound rich men for marriage and as well control their wealth. This trend is fueled by the societal stereotype that behind every successful man/woman is a great spiritualist. It is very common for people to attribute a person’s success to the potency of a particular charm or ritual. This mentality has engulfed the young minds into seeking for success or marital favour in the arms of witch doctors.

These issues always result when a particular lady tries to get the whole attention of her man as it is commonly believed that men are polygamous in nature. However, the big question here is “can one person be charmed by multiple love charms from different people?” According to Omashola, one of the ladies that specializes in distributing “this special packages,” “in a case of more than one lady using the charm on a man, it is survival of the fittest,” she maintains that she cannot guarantee who wins the final battle.

Also, reacting on the insults melted at her for the products she sells which some persons tag “witch crafty,” she says that a man who chooses to stick to one partner has no fear on who is going to charm him rather it’s men with a promiscuous attitude that are mostly preys of this love charm.

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Research has shown that many ladies embrace love charm as a result of societal influence. In the Eastern part of Nigeria, it is mostly seen as a mark of stigma for a lady to live above 35years without a husband. These sets of people believe that a woman is made complete by a man and as such their women fall into the hands of ‘online mamalawos’ in a bid to secure a husband. In some cases, this charm is prepared to make the lady welcomed in a home that is against intertribal marriage.

The male counterpart is not left out as many swings into using these diabolic pieces of jewelry to gather wealth and other good fortunes. Some fraudulent young men have been said to use these pieces of jewelry on their prey to distort their reasoning while the ladies are concerned with attracting CEO and the likes, most of whom they bottle to drive in their whim and caprices to swallow their words hook line and sinker.

Married men are not left out of these targets as many homes have been broken by sex workers who cast a spell on their big clients. For this reason, all men should guide their loins on how they go about seeking sexual satisfaction.

These actions are also promoted by Nollywood which has recently attracted the criticism of some well-meaning Nigerians among who is Reno Omokri( Nigerian writer and social activist) who took to his Twitter handle condemning the single story of Nollywood; how it captures Nigeria as a cultural entity dependent on fetish traditions for wealth and other fortunes.

Is There Love Charm In Nigeria?

This is a question that rings in the minds of many. Some persons have argued on the practice and believe in the availability of these love charm in Nigeria as well as the efficacy of these magical products. Whether it’s exploitation on the side of the gullible minds as most online testimonies could be stagged.

However, it is worthy of note, tracing back to the early age of Africans that “juju” has always been a way of temporarily solving issues and creating long term hazardous effects. Unfortunately, these adverse effects are not spelled out to the gullible followers as many of them chant the praises of their spiritualist without thinking of what happens afterward.

Moreover, another big trick of these love charm vendors is charity, which some people claim could be fake. A good number of the ‘mamalawos’ have a way of attracting their fishes with baits as giveaways which they do occasionally.

A popular gender-equality advocate, Nkechi Bianze has bitterly condemned this act of her gender on Facebook. She trolls ladies who patronize these charm vendors as “lazy and gullible women.” She advised ladies not to blame society for everything rather invest the huge amount of money used for purchasing this love charm into good businesses.

love charm in nigeria

It is a thing of great worry that while other countries are advancing in Science, Technology, Commerce and Art, we still struck in dark ages and archaic practices of love and good luck charms. The government also have a role to play in averting this looming danger.

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No doubt most of these vendors chose such business because of the hardship situation in the country, as the popular adage goes, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” If a level ground for business were created most ladies would be gainfully employed other than thinking of rich men to grab. On the other hand, men should really be worried as ladies are not smiling again.

Is Patronising Online ‘Mamalawos and Papalawos’ The Way Out?

The answer we should bear in mind whenever we are tempted to resort to diabolic rituals for our problems. It should be noted that no man is without challenges, “juju” has not brought an end to poor governance or increasing rate of poverty in the country. These ‘mamalawos/papalawos’ cannot boast of a perfect life. It should be acknowledged that life is not always all rosy, even the rich cries. While you chant the praises of digital ogbanjes, always remember there are adverse effects that are not unveiled to the public.

The media and entertainment industry should carry out the task of a proper re-orientation on the mindset of people about love charm in Nigeria. Also, society should embrace the fact that marriage is not the ultimate achievement and desist from ridiculing single ladies as this stirs the fire of desperation in their hearts. In all things, remember that “all that glitter are not gold,” charms do fail.


Maureen E. Ugwu is a freelance writer. She is also a 300level Education/English Student, University of Nigeria Nsukka.


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