The Internet Has Been Corrupted: Communication Is Not What It Used To Be


The internet has done more harm than good

When you saw the word ‘corrupt’ used to describe the Internet, you thought might have digressed to its use in the political sphere where the government or greedy individuals loot large amount of our financial and natural resources. You may have also looked at it from the point of view of the corruption average or less privileged individuals go through in our everyday society when a highly connected person is given a special treatment to the detriment of others.

Now the big question is; does this kind of corruption relate with the internet? This is a really tricky question that would be revealed in this article.

The Internet has been corrupted

A lot of questions will be raised along the line as well. Nevertheless, these are questions that would not be difficult to rhetorically respond to as these are basic and common issues which we come across in our everyday lives.

The first brick to be broken is the simple but yet so so complex word “Corruption”.What really is corruption in relation to this subject matter or what is the contextual meaning of the word?

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Contextual meaning of Corruption

A lot of people do not really know and understand the true meaning of corruption. Beyond the political and national sphere, what does corruption truly mean?
Corruption is when there is a noticeable shift from the original or dedicated purpose of a person, thing or idea. Similarly, it means going against the line of duty which a person or thing was created for.
Simply put, corruption is breaking protocols or boycotting rules.

Corruption is a negative word, usually used to refer to something out of the norm. A perfect scenario is when a person, (let’s tag him with a name), Mr Jace, who has been elected and sworn in as the governor of a state, his duties includes a list of things which are channeled towards development and service to the residents of the state. As a governor, when he fails to gratify the need of the people to solve or cater for his selfish interest, he is corrupt.

How then is the Internet corrupt?

After carefully explaining what corruption entails, it is important to look at how it affects the internet. We will start by adopting the general definition of corruption and adjusting it to suit the form of corruption that is synonymous with the Internet.

We stated earlier that when a thing moves from the original purpose for which It was originally created by a person, or group of people, it has been corrupted.

Hence, when the Internet is used in a way that goes against its founding purpose, it means that the use of the internet has been corrupted.

Point to consider;
What does this definition mean for the Internet?

Has the internet been shifted from it’s original purpose?

What is the internet original purpose of the internet and Why was it created?

Who are the corrupters of the internet?

Before responding to these points, I’m sure you have a mental idea about this discuss. The internet corrupters are those who utilize the tools and resources of the internet in a negative way.

I’m referring to the cyber crime and bully experts, Internet hackers and fraud stars who maximize the services of the internet for their selfish advantage, not minding the effect it would have on others.

Basic and legal rules of the internet

Some of us have been using the internet for the most part of our lives but don’t even know what it is. Most people think it is limited to the Google search bar or the Social media platform but it isn’t.

Instead, it encompasses; Youtube, social Media platforms, video conferencing applications, search engines like Bing and google, Editing applications and others.

The major component of the Internet

The reason why the internet was created was for to foster effective communication. Years back, communication was restricted to a particular geographical location. There was a big problem of language barrier.

This Means that it was difficult to communicate with someone in a different environment than you were. For example, those in Lagos couldn’t easily communicate with someone in Port Harcourt.

Nevertheless, as various means of communication began to emerge, it still wasn’t effective because it takes a lot of time to pass the message.

Initially, the internet was invented for the purpose of communication among military personnel and scientists but its reach has been extended to the whole world.

Thanks to the internet today, we get to meet people, hear stories, go shopping and carry out a bulk of our daily activities from the comfort of our home with access to a device and internet connectivity.

It is amazing how a person can now get access to the entire history of a country without hard copy books or when he is not a citizen of that country. Well, that’s the internet for you.

We can come up with a lot of good things the internet has brought but let us not forget the bad things.

Crimes and fraud are made easier with the internet. It is even more severe because nearly everyone with a smartphone, laptop and other devices can gain access to the internet.

In as much as there are security provisions made, hackers have found a way to breach the rules and make a living from scamming others.

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Asides scamming, people have gained access to classified information from the internet which shouldn’t be the case. Just by mastery of the internet, one can take advantage of it.

This is why I definitely said that the Internet has been corrupted. You should ask yourself if you are utilizing the internet for the right reasons or part of those corrupting it?

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