Court Finds Maguire Guilty, Convicts Him


Harry Maguire has been found guilty of aggravated assault, resisting arrest and repeated bribery attempts after being involved in a fight in Greece, a court on the island of Syros ruled on Tuesday, 25th of August, 2020.

Court Finds Maguire Guilty, Convicts Him

The Manchester United captain’s charges were brought to trial alongside his brother and a friend, following their arrest on Thursday night while on vacation in Mykonos.

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It was reported that the 27-year-old got involved in a fight over claims that Maguire’s sister was injected with a suspected “rape drug” by two Albanian men.

The club said in a statement Maguire “continues to strongly assert his innocence” and the trial gave his lawyers “minimal time to digest the charges and prepare”.

With the conviction, Maguire was sentenced to 21 months and 10 days in prison but the punishment will likely be suspended since it is a first offense and charges were misdemeanors.

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411info previously reported that reports in Greece on Friday morning revealed that Maguire had been arrested while holidaying in Mykonos.

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