7 Possible Destinations For Lionel Messi If He Leaves Barcelona


Football is like life. It requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and respect for authority.

–Vince Lombardi

Lionel Messi, unarguably the greatest name in football alongside Cristiano Ronaldo has completely grabbed the headline. Usually it has always been for things done on the pitch, breaking scoring records, beautiful solo goals, or most importantly, leading his team to yet another trophy, amongst others.He has also been criticised by some fans for sticking to his comfort zone, not wanting to experience new things, notably proving himself in other leagues like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Well, we are most likely about to see that, as reports have it, the Argentine has told club president Josep Bartomeu, and new coach, Ronald Koeman he wants out, meaning, he needs to find greener pastures elsewhere.

The saga is expected to rumble on all through the summer as Barcelona will definitely not be ready to let go of their most prized asset in the clubs history easily.

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But if that happens and Messi is to finally leave after seventeen whole years. Here are seven likely destinations for the Argentine;


Manchester City:

Messi has never hidden his admiration for PepGuardiola and has always wanted Barcelona to bring him back, but it looks like the time might just be around the corner and it will be happening the other way round. Lionel Messi had the best moments of his career under Guardiola, and Manchester City also has the structure to appease Lionel Messi. The lure of playing with excellentplayers, notably Kevin De Bruyne is also enticing. Expect Man City to also go all out and strengthen their shady defence, to ensure they’re equipped to win especially the champions league which has consistently eluded them.

Manchester City


They have the money, they are capable of paying whoever they want. And they’ve also shown they are ready to challenge by winning the two domestic cups and got to the finals of the Champions league they would have won if only they had taken their chances. The French teams have also shown they are not in a “farmers league” by having two teams getting to the semifinals of the champions league. Expect Neymar to be at the forefront on this negotiation with his very close friend/idol. Just imagine Messi-Mbappe-Neymar!! whew!!!

PSG Team


Manchester United:

They are the biggest club in England and only just behind Real Madrid and Barcelona in world football. They also did well by qualifying for the champions league and showed signs of progress towards the end of the season, especially since Bruno Fernando’s joined them in January. And yes, they can afford him. Reports linking the club with Jadon Sancho has cooled of recent. Are they already doing things behind the scenes? We’ll wait and see.

Manchester United


With Andrea Pirlo on board, Juventus know they’ve taken a big risk by employing someone without a prior senior coaching experience, despite being a superb player during his playing days,but one way to put their weight behind him is to sign quality players to surround him. Will Messi be tempted by the possibility of playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo? I expect the Juventus board to pull their weight towards making it happen, not just for Pirlo and the fans, but also for World football.

Juventus Team

Dark Horse

Inter Milan:

Antonio Conte is usually brutal about his demands especially when it comes to quality players and you really can’t blame him. The last time any team not named Juventus won the Italian league was 2011. If Inter Milan wants to win it from their bitter rivals, they need all the best players available in the market. Will Messi be happy to go and continue his rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo in Italy? Well 2020 has already presented a lot of strange things, don’t rule it out.

Inter Milan

Real Madrid:

Now listen, over the course of history, 33 players have played for both Real and Barcelona. Alfonso Albéniz (Barça to Madrid in 1902) was the first one. Don’t rule out Messi to Real Madrid being the latest one, and possibly not the last one. They are the biggest club in the world. Sergio Ramos will accept him with both hands, he’ll also have the opportunity to create a legacy for himself there too. Will Barcelona fans forgive him? You never know until it plays out.

Real Madrid

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DON’T rule out

Newell’s Old Boys:

He joined the club when he was seven and left when he was thirteen. Six years as a kid. They groomed him to eventually go and become a teenage superstar at Barcelona. He might not go now but along the line, it might just be the move that sees him hang his boot from the game he gave a lot to.

Newell’s Old Boys

Messi might still not leave Barcelona at the end of the day, as the club has indicated they are ready to battle till the last minute to keep him but seriously, they’ve not done enough in the last few years. The decisions overall has been quite embarrassing. If they end up keeping him, and things don’t change drastically, I expect Messi to run down his contract and leave next June according to the clause in his contract.

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