New NDLEA Visa Clearance: 8 Countries Nigerian’s Can’t Visit Without It. | 7th Is Shocking!!

Full List Of Nations Nigerians Can't Travel To Without NDLEA Visa Clearance


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has reminded Nigerians on Wednesday 24th march 2021 of its standing policy for the prohibition of substance abuse both locally and internationally.

The agency tweeted a list of 8 countries where citizens must seek NDLEA Visa Clearance clearance before visiting, and termed these countries “Source” countries.

“There are 8 countries Nigerians would need clearance from NDLEA before traveling”.

“This policy has been in existence for over 24years and it was made law to discourage drug trafficking”.

DISCLAIMER: Visa Clearance Requirements Only Applicable To 8 Countries.

— NDLEA NIGERIA (@ndlea_nigeria) March 24, 2021


In a statement, NDLEA Director of media and Advocacy Femi Babafemi stated that:

“The anti-drug law enforcement agency wishes to state as follows: that the policy was not newly created to impose levies on Nigerians travelling abroad, but has been in existence for over 24 years.

“The policy does not apply to all Nigerians seeking to travel overseas but only those travelling to eight countries usually referred to as source countries.”

Babafemi Also stated that:

 NDLEA Visa Clearance
The Agency NDLEA said the policy has been in existence for over 24 years (Photo credits: @ndlea_nigeria)

According to Babafemi, the policy is on the command of the countries which are considered “source”, and not that of NDLEA or Nigeria.

He explained further that it is designed as part of global efforts to fight the menace of drug trafficking.

FULL LIST: 8 Countries Nigerian’s Can’t Visit Without NDLEA Visa Clearance

1. Thailand

2. Malaysia

3. Indonesia

4. India

5. Brazil

6. Pakistan

7. the Philippines

8. Russia.

Source: 411info

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